Volunteers are Key

With a small full time staff, ICP relies heavily on the support of volunteers to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Volunteers provide essential services in all areas of our work, including class instruction, tutoring, administrative support, translation and interpretation, legal assistance, accounting and fundraising.

Volunteers are a vital component of ICP. Volunteers are recruited from universities, colleges, and the local community. Volunteers are students, lawyers, past clients, and local residents and professionals.

ICP volunteers have backgrounds in ESL, law, philanthropy, community work, education, advocacy, technology, and immigration.

We welcome new volunteers, join us and
• Acquire new skills
• Develop new friendship
• Improve and inspire someone’s life
• Strengthen our community
• Teach or tutor students in English or citizenship classes
• Assist with document translation
• Support immigration specialists and the attorney through Legal internships
• Advocacy projects
• Provide administrative support
• Help with media and outreach projects
• Assist with grant writing or fundraising

What Skills Do You Need?

Share your special skills or knowledge as a volunteer. Training and shadowing opportunities are offered to all volunteers who come in with a warm smile, big heart, and passion for helping others.

ICP works with interns and volunteers on projects that match their special interest, and career goals, while helping the community at the same time.

Sign Up Today!

To volunteer, call CET at (408)-534-5451.