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About ICP


History of Immigration and Citizenship Program

In response to the Immigrant Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), CET created the Immigration and Citizenship Program (ICP) to provide non-legal and legal integration services to mixed-status families and legal permanent residents. During the IRCA implementation, 40,000 individuals benefited from ICP’s technical and legal support services.

Next to faith-based organizations, such as the Catholic Church, ICP is one of the largest providers of immigration legal services in the nation, having served over 100,000 individuals; not counting the direct impact to family members in the last 30 years.

ICP is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Its staff consists of accredited representatives. Each BIA representative participates in comprehensive immigration training and is investigated by the BIA to ensure that he or she is a person of good moral character and has the appropriate skill-set to become a legal representative.

ICP staff also has a breadth of experience working with the community, planning workshops, and speaking in front of large audiences. With 30 years of experience working with media, preparing logistics and training volunteers for group application processing sessions, which are crucial for processing large numbers of individuals eligible to apply for naturalization.

Our Values

* Commitment to assist and inspire immigrants to gain the benefits of citizenship.
* Educate and empower our clients to navigate the legal immigration and naturalization process.
* Promote understanding, trust, respect, and dignity by encouraging the welcoming community to volunteer and be part of immigrants’ successful integration.
* Quality, free and low-cost services provided by BIA accredited representatives and staff attorney.
* Engage newly naturalized citizens to embrace civic involvement, work together, learn about each other’s cultures and step up as leaders for social change

Our Team

Monica Limas
Jessica Jenkins
Supervising Attorney
Noemi Sandoval
BIA Accredited
Immigration Specialist
Veronica Carrillo
Administrative Assistant
Glenda Solis
BIA accredited
Immigration Specialist
Rafael Morales
BIA accredited
Immigration Specialist
Lien Phan
Immigration Specialist
Raquel Brown
BIA accredited
Immigration Specialist